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End of Season Update


Let me congratulate you on a successful season.  In 10 weeks, I only had 3 tough phone calls with a few coaches.  We had some film sent in that was looked at and Dan responded to the coaches in a timely manner. 


Point sheets have been sent out and are available at  They need to be filled out and sent back to me ASAP.  I will adjust them as the playoffs go. TASO requires the sheets to be finalized by December 31.  I will then put them on a spread sheet and send them in to be finalized.  If I don’t have your sheet, you will get no credit for the season.  If you decide later to turn in your sheet, you must provide TASO proof of everything you work or attended the previous year.  No proof, no points.


By December 31, you need to go into ARBITER and print you entire seasons schedule.  Arbiter requires me to do a mass delete of our account once the season is over.  I will do this around January 10, 2017.  It will be on hold for 90 days, I am unable to input the 2017 schedules.


Next seasons dues are due by January 1, 2017


TASO dues are due by February 1, 2017.  After that, they hit you with a big penalty for paying late.  


Thanks again for making my first season assigning a pleasure, hope I was fair to everyone.  That was my goal.





Posted –11//2016


Rules Review and Discussion


There is nice 2016 rules summary posted in the Templates, Forms, Manuals, Rules area. 


There has been some good discussion on our Facebook Forum.  Please drop in and comment or post a question!


Visit our Photo and Media Gallery to see photos of our Officials in action.


Posted –10/23/2016


Updated Game Day Template


The game day template has been uploaded to the Templates, Forms, Manuals, Rules page.


Helmet logos have been added and sized to fit at the bottom of the Who We Are cards.  You will see a helmet logo tab in the spreadsheet.   Copy and Paste from the tab to the Who We Are a cards.


Posted –10/10/2016


Mid Season Updates….


We are getting some film from coaches.  Visit HUDL to view these videos.  We are sharing specific game films with the crews working those games and Dan is doing a good job of extracting relevant training clips and sharing with the Chapter.


A note from our president

Please review the two attachments below concerning Social Media, this is very important for you and our Chapter.  Our reputation, whether for the Chapter or as Individuals, it is very important on and off the field, and it is our obligation and responsibility to always strive to protect it.  Again, please read and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.  –Jesse


TASO Social Media Policy

Social Media Article


There is still a shortage of Officials across west Texas.   If you have friends to recruit, let us know.  Read an Article about the shortage here.


Posted –9/16/2016


Arbiter Pay


It looks like ECISD will be using ArbiterPay to pay officials this year . Midland will NOT.

Here are links to instructions on how to set up your account if needed…


APT Set up Guide


APT Manual


Posted –8/23/2016


Spring Games





Visit our Photo Gallery to see more of our officials in action….


Posted –5/20/2016


2016 6A Crew Assignments


Crew assignments for the 6A rotations this year have been made and posted in the secured area of the web site.


Officials Only


Posted – 3/31/2016


Virtual Meeting space updates and evaluation.


We are currently looking at better alternatives for our virtual meeting space. I am current evaluating Skype as an option.  Please feel free to link to the Skype meeting, try it out, and let me know if this works for you and your opinion as a chapter virtual meeting option.  (Get on with some friends and experiment with video and desktop presentations.)


Access from the officials’ only page….


Officials Only


Posted – 3/24/2016



Board Meeting Minutes


Are now published in the officials’ only area of the web site.  Access from the link at left or here:


Officials Only


Posted – 3/9/2016



TASO Points System:


Division 5 - 0-59 points

Division 4 - 60-179 points

Division 3 - 180-359 points

Division 2 - 360-659 points and a minimum of 40 Varsity Games

Division 1 - 660 and more with a minimum of 75 Varsity Games.




Training Video, Pictures and Media Files Wanted


If you have training video or info you would like to share with the group we can host that in our Photo/Media Gallery.  Send any video, audio or picture files to the site admin and they will be uploaded and available to all. 


There is some video material out there already.  Check out the video archives from the officials only area.


If you would like media admin access to upload your files directly, contact the site admin.




Want Facebook updates when new postings are updated?


Facebook posts are made when new announcement or changes are made to the web site.  Join and follow the Permian Basin Officials Group page to receive notices. (Link at left or below)


Link to Permian Basin Officials Facebook Page




Free mailboxes and or mail alias’ available


Officials.  Free web mailboxes or pass through address alias’ are available to all current Permian Basin officials. 


With either option, your mail address will be 


Option 1:  Full featured web based mailbox.  You can receive and send from the domain.    Mail is accessed from or the link from the main menu left.  


NOTE: is also your POP and SMTP server domain if you are syncing to a tablet or phone.


Option 2:  Mail alias.  Allows receive function only to the domain.  Mail will automatically forward to your specified personal email account.  Good for if you want to publish an email with the PBO domain, but don’t want to maintain multiple mailboxes.


If you would like a email box or alias, contact the site admin using the link below. Specify which option, first.last name you would like used and include your forwarding address for alias’.



Site Admin: